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Services & Rates


Bottom Jobs

Anti-fouling Paints to Help Keep Away Growth

Keep the bottom of your boat clean and help prevent growth.


Haul & Load

Transport Services

Let us help you prep for boat and get it loaded for transport. 

Carpentry Wildcatter.jpeg

Custom Carpentry & Marine Repair

Skilled Carpentry Professionals

Let us help with your carpentry and repair plans. 


Haul For Survey

Keep undesirable growth from being an extra passenger on your vessel

Our anti-fouling paints will keep your boat in tip-top performance, year round. 


Offload & Launch

Take a Load Off & Let Us Do the Work

Offloading a boat can be a hassle, let us take care of you and your vessel. We know you want your boat in the water as quickly and easily as possible. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 


Paint & Gelcoat Repairs/ Restoration

Blisters Be Gone

Blistering, flaking off, or other paint problems? See us for restoration help. 


Crane & Forklift

Rates By The Hour

Crane and forklift services available for rent by the hour. 


Shaft, Prop & Rudder Work

Professional Mechanics to Perform Any Job

Need any shaft, propeller, or rudder work? We've got you covered. 


Fiberglass Repairs & Customization

Fiberglass Specialization

Fiberglass specialists to perform repairs and customization. 

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